A simple name – short in length, but long in history, deep in meaning and full in flavour. Translated to mean ‘whole’ and ‘universal’, it’s the only kind of name fit to grace the foods that draw people together. It represents those rare ingredients that have the power to turn a feast into a feeling.

The History of EMMA®

Twenty one years ago, EMMA®  was born into a family of fine imported and locally produced food products. The EMMA® brand takes inspiration from Arthur Pelliccione’s (the Company’s CEO) granddaughter to encourage and curate a family oriented culture and identity within the organization.

Canada’s Passport to taste the world

After being grandfathered in to such great company, our youthful brand set out to source and deliver food from around the world that would offer more than just sustenance, but a sensory experience.

Curated Recipes by Emma®

EMMA® Mac & Cheese

EMMA® Mac & Cheese

We invite you to try this delicious EMMA® Mac & Cheese recipe. Ingredients 1 pkg of EMMA® Fusilli pasta 1 tbsp EMMA® extra virgin olive oil 6 tbsp EMMA® unsalted butter 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 3 cups whole milk 1 cup heavy whipping cream 4 cups EMMA® Asiago...

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